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Nick Shinn


Nick Shinn
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  • Re: Optical compensations and writing tools

    For those interested in the philosophy of vision, some works on perspective:

    Perspective as Symbolic Form, Erwin Panofsky, 1924 (originally written in German)
    The Origin of Perspective, Hugo Damisch, 1987 (originally in French)
    Techniques of the Observer, Jonathan Crary, 1992

    I read these a few years ago when I was particularly interested in the subject; does anyone know of any good subsequent books on the topic?

  • Re: Infant type revisited

    It could also be argued that, along with Fraktur and Infant, Futuristic (after Paul Renner’s design) is another valid description of the single-bowl a and g configuration.
  • Re: Practical uses for unambiguous LCG fonts?

    Here is a unicase analysis and experiment I made in reducing the number of upright/roman glyphs able to represent the three related scripts.

    I had created a Unicase feature for Scotch Modern, in Latin, and thought that the same feature should be available for the other scripts, and made it so. This diagram followed that thought.

    I concluded that Cyrillic is already pretty much common-case already, and that unicase does not sit well with Greek. Other than that, it was interesting to see how elegant the diagram that emerged could be, although I don’t think that’s very significant.

  • Re: Infant type revisited

    I designed a custom typeface for a Canadian children’s book publisher, and infant type was stipulated. As well as serifs on capital I, like Verdana.

    That would be for English and French, as Canada is officially bilingual.
  • Re: Avoid "stroke"

    I can’t help seeing type in terms of strokes.

    In particular, when I look at an A or V which is perfectly symmetrical, it looks like the “down” stroke is thinner than the “up”.