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Rodrigo Saiani


Rodrigo Saiani
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  • Typeface launch strategy

    I would really love to hear your launch strategy once you’ve “abandoned” aka completed your typeface.
    I’m messy and confused and sometimes anxious about releasing it in a way that I don't take my time to do it well, but here’s what I have tried to date, with different granularities of success:
    • Contact known names in the graphic design/type sectors, the ones who have blogs and influence a big audience for example.
    • Create specimens which is somewhat a given
    • Create a hotsite with a theme that makes it fun for me and possibly for more people. ( being the first and only example)
    • Send courtesy copy of my fonts to my design heroes with no expectation of return, just to be able to get in touch with them (I guess this would count more as fandom than strategy, oh well). Maybe if they do their next design with it would count as strategy.
    • Show examples of the font in use @ fonts in use
    • Be pushy with the distributors so they create a post or something about my typeface. Sorry dear distributor people.
    • Send emails to your contact base with the release
    • Do reasonable discounts (30% or so)
    • Do medium posts about it
    • Create a typeface project on Behance
    • Talk to friends
    • Create this post and other posts on type drawers
    • Cry, beg and scream… you know you've done it too!
    Anyway, assuming there’s so many more variables than just what you do to get the word out, what has been your approach to this crucial moment in typeface production?

    Thanks for sharing!