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Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney
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  • Re: FontLab Studio and High Sierra

    It doesn't help, unfortunately.
    We have been looking into the issue. I look forward to being able to say more!
  • Re: Low vision calendar company seeks a better font

    In Helvetica, the 3, 6 and 9 are nearly closed, and are much too similar to the 8. With any kind of stress in the viewing conditions (small size, low light, vision impairment, distant viewing, sunlight glare...) this makes them unnecessarily hard to distinguish.

    This used to drive me nuts on the iPhone. I jailbroke my phone just to be able to change the font, at one point. Too much trouble to keep it up, though.  :(  I would change the font again in a heartbeat if I could; even though San Francisco isn't nearly as bad, it could be much better.
  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    It's handled a bit differently. In a kerning window in VI, you have several indicators as to whether a glyph stands for just the glyph, or a class:

    - for a class, the lines below the glyphs are blue instead of gray (not the kerning adjustment, but the line itself)

    - the info bar above shows the class name instead of glyph name

    Maybe there's a third one I am forgetting. But at least these two!

  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    Hmm, so tons of bugs and missing features posts daily on the Fontlab 6 forum, and it jumps straight from alpha to retail release?
    Yes, lots of bugs have been reported, and lots of bugs that get fixed. Just to give you some idea, in the past month we have averaged 30+ bug fixes per week. So if you think you see a fair number of bugs reported in the forum, well, sure. But there have been a ton of things fixed as well.

    Not saying the app is perfect, just that using the number of bug reports prior to ship as a measure of how buggy the app is *now* may be misleading, in the absence of other data.


  • FontLab VI now shipping

    FontLab VI is here! Unleash your type design creativity with FontLab VI, our ultra bold font editor. Design and edit glyphs more easily than ever, draw multi-color fonts, or make variable fonts. Type drawing, spacing, kerning, hinting, OpenType features and Python scripting — FontLab VI does it all, on both Mac and Windows.

    Get your free 30-day trial or buy FontLab VI at

    FontLab VI is $689 (it includes both Mac and Windows versions). 

    If you bought FontLab Studio 5 between Nov 30, 2015 and Dec 6, 2017, the upgrade to VI is free, all other users of FontLab Studio 5 can upgrade for only $199, and Fontographer 4.7 & 5 users for $344.