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  • Re: Proposal for font distribution/installation app

    Automatic updates should be optional. Otherwise, available updates would be notified to the user, like Thomas Helbig said. And they could switch back to older versions, if they wanted to.

    Updates is one aspect of this proposal. The other is ease of installation after purchase, which is a big issue for every non-techie I've talked to so far. They just fear the installation of fonts, even though it's not really that complicated, but they do. People today want a just-works solution to everything, and I can't blame them.
  • Re: [OTVar] Introducing OpenType variable fonts

    “Restricted variable fonts”
    This won’t pass through marketing. You can’t tell customers that the products they buy are restricted.
  • It’s time to register your Speed Punk plug-in

    Type designers:
    I’m currently counting 82 unregistered installations of my Speed Punk plug-in for (as opposed to 41 last time I checked two months ago). That’s a steep increase.’s plug-in update functionality includes a completely anonymous ID of your installation. That’s how I’m counting.

    If any of you people still hasn’t licensed it, now is the time to do it. Stealing other people’s software to create fonts that you’re going to sell is inacceptable behaviour. Even if you’re *just* a student. Anyone of you spends more than 20€ on a single night out. I know it. I’ve been a student. I’m giving students a 25% discount (after registration). The discounted 5€ prove how ridiculously cheap Speed Punk is.

    82 installations equal a whopping 4 months of my rent. Or did you think type designers don’t need to pay rent, or food, or other software, or go out, because they’re artists?

    Get it:

    Apologies and many thanks to all those of you who have licensed it.