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Doug Wilson


Doug Wilson
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  • TYPE "A Magazine for People Curious About Fonts"

    I'm excited to announce that Roger Black and I have launched a website/blog for our new publication "TYPE."

    This website is just the beginning of our plans. From our "About" page:

    TYPE is a quarterly print magazine and website that exists to inform and delight with stories from the world of typography and design. TYPE is a new publication for people who love fonts, typography, calligraphy, lettering, sign painting—letterforms of all kinds.

    Our focus is on the people behind the letterforms. We’ll tell their stories, and have some fun along the way. We are as enthralled by the future of typography as we are of the past. TYPE will talk about current trends, best practices, and the inspirational past with wit, charm, and a bit of a critical eye.

    This website will be updated daily and the first, printed issue of TYPE will be released in Spring 2017.


    I'm sure some are asking: "What happened to 'Typographics' that Roger announced back in June 2016?" and TYPE is what "Typographics" has become. We decided to change the name to make it more inclusive and to clear up any confusion between the conference (which we still support) and the magazine. 

    Part of what makes TYPE unique is that we are completely independent of any foundry, organization, conference, or school. This independence means that we can write about type and design without any conflicts of interest or need to lean towards a specific line of thought. Of course, we will have sponsors and advertisers but no one controls the editorial content.


    Our goal with TYPE is to make a magazine about the people in the type community but not get lost in the "type-nerd" world too much. We want our audience to not only be type-nerds but also people that use type and want to learn more such as graphic designers and web designers. So, less technical manual and more personal stories.

    Of course, knowing the TypeDrawers community, I'm sure we won't be in-depth enough for some of you but I hope you take a look at our website and sign up for a free copy of the first printed issue. If you have something that you would like to share (an upcoming release, designers using type in a unique way, etc.) feel free to send me a message at: