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Ori Ben-Dor


Ori Ben-Dor
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  • Re: My first typeface

    The link is broken, and I'm too lazy to copy-paste your username. I'm sure most people are like me. Anyhow, if you want to get serious feedback, upload here a PDF file with text example.
  • Fixed Stroke Width and Hebrew

    As you probably all know, horizontal strokes appear wider than vertical strokes of the same width, which is why fixed-stroke-width fonts usually compensate for this illusion by having their vertical strokes a bit wider.

    Hebrew fonts are no exception: if you check out notable sans serif fonts such as Narkis Tam or Oron, you'll note that vertical strokes are indeed wider.


    I'm working on a rounded, fixed-stroke-width Hebrew typeface (working title: Amigo), and after conducting a few experiments, I've come to a conclusion that in Hebrew, truly fixed stroke width works pretty good, probably because Hebrew is "reverse contrast" in its nature, that is, in traditional Hebrew fonts the horizontal strokes are the wider ones.

    Check out Amigo (a work in progress):

  • Re: A better "version" of an existing typeface

    Thanks for your input, I'll get back to this issue in the future.
  • Re: Numerals

    The top bowl is smaller:

  • Numerals

    One moment I think 6 & 9 are too wide or their bowls are too large, the next moment I think they're just about the right size. (When I tested narrower/smaller versions, it was the opposite: one moment I thought it was too narrow/small, the next moment it looked to me alright.)

    What do you think?

    Other comments are welcome as well.