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Katy Mawhood


Katy Mawhood
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  • Re: Font or Font Software

    @Artem Drabkin 

    It won't look weird if defined clearly, e.g. "the licensed typeface designs, documentation and font software". Or define "font software" as a term that includes design and software. There's a number of examples out there.

    @Adam Twardoch
    It doesn't seem fair to infer that font EULAs are written without care, when many of us know the opposite is quite true. Many EULAs define "font software" to incl both design and software.

    There is a discussion, but that links to legal systems far more than the varying interpretations of individual EULAs by lawyers, licensors and licensees.
  • Yammer post from a colleague – now help us make that happen.

    I'm always looking for inspiration for typography, and I like to share simple examples of it's impact with the Editorial Teams. I just came across this great video on the impact of typography, for everyone who loves type. The LEGO one made me laugh!
    It's a nice post and reminds me that the choice to license font software shouldn't be determined by legal risk. It'd be great to secure a regular budget for fonts with every title, but that's not going to happen until we can manage the risk effectively.
  • Re: Best Foundry Sites

    Differs according to whether you're licensing or browsing. E.g. do you mean good UX / UI for marketing or licensing? With approval processes of a mid-to-large business, the "browsing" stage is typically on a different day to the "licensing" stage.

    Despite browsing from an indie shop front, I often end up licensing from myfonts and font spring over individual foundry sites because:

    a) predictable, e.g. it gives license details up front;
    b) login is quick (many sites don't offer guest login);
    c) quick, clutter-free page load.

    Google Fonts is great for perusing / filtering. All our designers use it for browsing over our font management system. I've never seen that happen with our other font libraries.
  • Re: Two Types: The Faces of Britain

    2016 White Paper on the BBC's future, w/ three main issues:
    • Money: will the licence fee continue and how much will it be?
    • Governance: who runs the BBC?
    • Distinctiveness
    2016 Government white paper
    BBC's response to Government white paper
  • Re: Two Types: The Faces of Britain

    Who doesn't want to be a kind guerrilla warrior? It just sounds so philanthropic.