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Simon Cozens


Simon Cozens
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  • Dafont has been hacked

    This morning I got a notification from that my credentials at have been exposed due to a data breach. Zdnet has the story. If you have a dafont account, please change your password, and if you use that password on other sites too... don't do that.
  • Re: Is the term ‘foundry’ a proper name for digital companies?

    Etymology is not semantics - infantry does not mean "child soldiers".
  • Show me your failures!

    Last night I watched Nina Stössinger's TypoBerlin 2012 talk "The Importance of Being Ernestine". The best part for me as a new designer was when she talked about her early efforts in type design and "the ugliest ampersand in the history of the world":

    It was supremely encouraging to be reminded that we all start in pretty much the same place but it is possible, with patience and determination, to get from there to excellence.

    So, I've got to ask - does anyone else feel brave enough to show us their embarrassing failures? In my day job I'm convinced we learn better by looking at things that didn't work and asking why not, rather than looking at things that did work and asking why; I'm sure the same is true here.
  • Re: TYPO Labs 2017 Berlin, April 6-8

    That looks amazing. Will there be videos afterwards?
  • Re: Font Modification

    Just to clarify, are you modifying the font (ie there will be a new font file produced with your changes) or are you modifying the font's output (hitting "Create Outlines" and messing with the paths)? I think there's a material difference between the two. IANAL but I wouldn't count the second as modifying the font since the outlines are no longer reusable.