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Dyana Weissman


Dyana Weissman
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  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    I agree with you in spirit, Mark, but in practice, some of those threads would *not* go back on track, despite the flag. 
  • Re: TypeDrawers Changelog

    Dec 18, 2017

    The forum software has changed, so we’ve updated the rules in accordance. Starting now, members can expect warnings when they are breaking the rules. These warnings come with penalties, such as being unable to post as often, or temporary bans.

    A notice gives 0 points and is for minor infractions. 

    A warning level 2 gives 2 points and lasts 1 month. 

    A warning level 3 gives 3 points and lasts 2 months. 

    Someone with 3 or 4 points gets put in "jail" and they can't post new discussions, or post as often.

    Someone with 5 or more points gets temporarily banned.

    Repeated rule-breaking behavior will result in permanent bans.

  • Re: What was the very first typeface described as “feminine”?

    I have thoughts on this, but if you really want to go off-topic, then I invite you to start a new thread. This one has already gotten away from its original intent.

    While I've found it very educational to learn about the differences between gender and sex, unless anyone has any further thoughts solely on the first typeface described as "feminine," comments will be collapsed. 
  • Re: Kerning for beginners

    If it helps, a 256 character set with good kerning would have 3,000 - 5,000 kerning pairs (with some exceptions depending on the design of course).