Which typeface is this (as used by New York Magazine in their last fashion issue)?

I have asked New York Magazine themselves what it is but for some reason they decline to comment. I'd love to know.


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  • Hi Roelsiebrand.

    I'm Nicolas Franck Pauly, and I designed this typeface for New York Magazine!
    I'm open for any questions…

  • Hi Nicolas, thank you for your response. When I got that particular Issue of NY Mag I just wanted to know which typeface it was so I tried to find it through Whatthefont and asked some type designing people in the business here in Holland and asked NYmag themselves but nobody knew or wanted to answer my question (NYmag).
    So, does it have a name and was it designed for NYmag exclusively? Can I buy it? Does it have lowercase too? Those kind of questions...

    Needless to say that I like it a lot. It fitted really well with the fashion issue.

    Love to hear from you, Roel
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