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I have a loan document that was created in November 1991 by an attorney using an early Apple or McIntosh computer, probably a Mac SE. The computer is long gone and my attorney passed away in 2006. I think he was using some sort of business form software created for Apple. The type face in question is identical to Tahoma but Tahoma was not introduced until 1994. I'm told that Tahoma is a knock off of several other fonts that were in use decades ago and may have been created by Susan Kare or Adrian Fruitiger. Can anyone confirm my suspicions or has anyone used that early business form software I am referring to? Your help is appreciated. Sincerely, Tom 


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    Tahoma is not a knock-off of anything.

    If you could provide a good sample I'm sure the font hounds here will promptly ID it.
  • There are other forums that do font IDs much better, and as our rules state, the other forums are the more appropriate place for font IDs. Font IDs are not what TypeDrawers is about.
  • I guess this is an ID question after all? It sounded nicely investigative...
  • It is indeed an ID. A rose is a rose no matter what you call it. I do investigative ID's for people at other forums occasionally, usually when it involves old metal faces.
  • Given the time and story it's probably Apple's GenevaTT.
  • Tahoma is not a knock-off of anything.

    I thought Tahoma was a deliberate knock-off of Verdana, in that it was a reproportioning of the typeface for print instead of the screen. Am I mixing something up here?

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    Verdana was a loosened & widened version of Tahoma. Since they were both done by the same person for the same client, "knock-off" is not accurate... Both for screen BTW, but Tahoma more for UI versus Verdana for text.
  • Not to forget Nina.
  • Although similar, it is not Geneva.
  • Thought it was Matthew Carter that done Tahoma 
  • Yes, Matthew Carter desiegned several of the related typefaces mentioned in this thread: Tahoma, Verdana and Nina.
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