• Hey! May we know a little more about what you’re going for with this typeface before we give much critique? :)
    It looks to me like some of it’s going for a faux-3D pop-out effect. It reminded me of those tests optometrists use for the patient to point out the graphic that appears to come off the page. Letters like /O,/N,/A,/Q,/@ especially pop out. It could just be my eyes playing a trick on me though. I understand you probably made the counters of the /B and /8 smaller for balance, but maybe open them up just a wee bit more;the same goes for the black counter of the /@. Something is bothering me about that /V, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Strokes feel too thin? Form is bit too wide maybe? Pulling to the left a little?
    While not wholly a novice anymore I am still inexperienced, so take of my advice what you will. It looks like a pretty fun typeface though.
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 306
    edited April 12
    /H looks unapologetically light because of the crossbar. I would rethink the /E — maybe make the top (and bottom) stroke match that of /A /N /O etc. (the “primary” width) and make the crossbar lighter. For /B maybe a triangular structure like for /G?
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 37
    Gotta say, I'm loving the negative space asperand (the /@).  I definitely agree with Adam that the /E needs to be tweaked a bit.  The /V does look a tad thin.
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 306
    edited April 12

    Purpose: heavy display.
    /E looks fine to me. lc /e and /i may get some unicase treatment tho.
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