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Expanded my Combax further. I wanna hear your thoughts while I wait for a response from the Cherokee Nation. E-mailed them the below images earlier today  B)

PS. I took what I could from 
As far as I gather there is still no solid norm for the letterforms. Getting the book would be so expensive and tedious where I am at, with no guarantee it would arrive, that I did not bother (it takes shorter for items to travel to the state border then from there to the capital. Ouch!!  :# )


  • If you emailed them, you should be hearing from Joseph Erb. His presentation at TypeCon New Orleans jumpstarted the interest in Cherokee, and was one of the most heartfelt and informative presentations I have ever witnessed.
  • You need to distinguish the letter E (Ꭱ, second letter in the top row) from the letter SV (Ꮢ, third letter in the fifth row). The latter's tail should meet the baseline in a serif.
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    Looks surprisingly agreeable, considering I never liked the original design...

    The two letters that look like a Sütterlin S also seem indistinguishable, other than that the second one has an unsightly blot near the exit stroke.

    EDIT: I mean QUI and TLU, apparently.
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