Help make a font tool.

Hello beautiful typographers, 

I really like good typeface combinations. I mean... I like-like them. 

I want to see them everywhere I go on the internet. So I recently developed a simple website to help web-designers make type combinations. It's really basic. Currently...

I'm posting today to ask for help. I need to speak with more designers about their typographic thought-process. Specifically I'm asking these questions:
  • What's your process for making a typeface hierarchy/combination?
  • How do you test that your typeface will look great on desktop, mobile... oculus?
  • What’s the hardest part about making a typeface decision?
If you're jumping up in your seat with an answer or the excitement to help a young type-enthused developer. Awesome! Please share your perspective below. It's insanely helpful and could turn this side project into something real. 

Just so you know I'm not pulling your chain, [here's a link to the current prototype.](



  • Flash?
  • Flash?

    ... more on topic: Using flash to get the system installed typefaces is nifty, but a) doesn't seem to work consistently (some get rendered, others remain default styled) and b) you will use a looot of potential users just for using that technology.

    The interface needs to be a bit more communicative. Use pointer cursors, selected states, and the flow of what to do when to what result is not as clear as it could be.
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