Going to Typecon? Take my workshop on licensing!

JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 128
edited July 22 in Type Business
I will be teaching my workshop on the first day of Typecon again but don't be fooled by the name and description... it will be different from last year. I hope to see you there!


  • Max PhillipsMax Phillips Posts: 438
    Highly recommended, folks.
  • JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 128
    @Max Phillips  I just realized I never got back to you about that other EULA.  So sorry! Will you be at typecon this year?  We could discuss it then

  • Max PhillipsMax Phillips Posts: 438
    No worries, Joyce. Afraid I can't make it this year, but I hope to catch up with you at some type do or other.
  • JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 128
    If I get three or more folks who've taken the workshop before I can split you off into a more advanced group with a different task.  
  • Differentiated Instruction yo.
  • Colonel BleepColonel Bleep Posts: 793
    I was looking forward to going this year. And then I saw the program. Maybe some other time.
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