Glitches in FL5, not in MS Word

This is the same glyph (from Facto Bold, a Jonathan Hill of The Northern Block typeface).
Note the glitches seen only in FL5.

What's going on here?

(Technical details: I'm using Windows 10, the file type is OTF.)


  • The font/glyph uses fractional coordinates and FLS can’t handle them correctly. 
  • Ori Ben-DorOri Ben-Dor Posts: 174
    Wait a minute, fractional coordinates are legal?
    You haven't changed your mind about making Glyphs available for Windows, have you?
  • Ori Ben-DorOri Ben-Dor Posts: 174
    @Thomas Phinney
    Is it going to be any different in FLVI?
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 1,377
    Yes, fractional coordinates are legit now (although not recommended unless you need them, since they increase font file size), and yes, they are supported in FLVI.
  • Ori Ben-DorOri Ben-Dor Posts: 174
    Good to know, thanks.
  • Ps. Fractional coordinates work in CFF-flavored OT fonts only but not in TTF-flavored fonts.
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