Anfíbia - new display font



  • Hello again.

    I imagined that this year would be able to produce this project faster
    , but I did not imagine the unforeseen events that kept me away from the type design.

    Well, here I show the new weight of typeface, I wanted everyone's opinion I do not know if I studied enough about drawing bold types.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I worked at an even thinner weight,
    What do you think?

  • I'm not sure the back-leaning C, c and G are really working well, in any weight.

    The lowercase s is feeling awkward and "constructed" and the top is just a bit too pinched, especially in the bold.

    The cap S leans back in the bold and leans forward in the light, so it seems inconsistent in that regard.

    The cap U has a squarish bottom curve, that seems out of place with everything else in the font. Perhaps a bulging out rounded shape would work better.
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 681
    I disagree about the squarish U. It looks like a circa 1900 typeface and that kind of idea was common in display lettering. Do a Pinterest search for piano sheet music covers and you'll see it a lot.
  • Sure, thanks for the feedback
    I'm going to start working on S / because that's what I get the most from the mistake.
  • What do you think???

    I later post the new forms of /G and /C

  • I'm following the path of keeping the back slope

  • Boldest /S/ still leans back.
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    Sorry, don't finish

            old                                                       new

  • Overlap

    I realized he was more bold than of what should, so the redesign was more drastic

  • I just worked in the /G bold so far


    I do not know if it's working. What do you think???

  • The back-lean in C and G doesn't really work for me, but that may be just a matter of taste. S is looking better, for sure.
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