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  • Re: At what point of the design process do you start digitising your drawings?

    Talking about IKARUS: in 2013 together with Adobe I published Digital Typography & Artificial Intelligence in the context of the Dr. Peter Karow Award for Font Technology & Digital Typography. This award is presented once per five years to a person who makes an exceptional and innovative contribution to the development of digital type and typography related technology. In 2013 the PKA was presented to Dr. Donald E. Knuth .

    Preparations for the PKA 2018 have started and therefore Digital Typography & Artificial Intelligence is available as PDF now.
  • Re: Macedonian italic /gje localization

    @Nikola Kostic What name would be given in Serbian to the line above these italic letters? I called them 'macron' above, just for convenience, but as Maxim pointed out the form of this distinguishing mark may differ from that of the macron, and the sign isn't an accent indicating a change in phonetic value.

    @Maxim Zhukov I've seen similar distinguishing lines in some examples of Russian handwriting. What would they be called in Russian?
  • Re: Macedonian italic /gje localization

    Welcome to the Balkans. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.  :)  I am no expert on Macedonian so I dare not give any definitive advice. I've found an old Macedonian grammar book online, and in it, the italic form of ѓ is not Russian г (to my surprise). Take a look here (pages 8 and 12 contain ѓ italic): gramatika-krume kepeski#page/n5/mode/2up

  • Re: Macedonian italic /gje localization

    @Kent Lew Dear Kent, the answer to your question is NO. The italic form of ѓ should not include the macron element from the г.

    Look at the example with the StobiSerif Pro – as I said above it is an official font for Macedonian government documents (by Lasko Dzurovski). You could find in the example the two kind of „г“ – in the first case you must write in your font a substitution of uni0433 by uni0433.loclMKD, in the second case you just use the uni0453 glyph from Unicode table which has acute but not a macron (look again at Macedonian Tms also). The glyphs uni0433.loclMKD and uni0453 represent two different phonemes in the Macedonian language, so you must not think that the one is produced from the other (just by adding acute on top of the other glyph). There is no such a connection between the two glyphs.
    Well, if we must be honest and punctual we must prepare a stylistic alternative to uni0453 also and to make it to match exactly the form of uni0433.loclMKD but without the macron – just the pure form of the uni0433.loclMKD glyph, the form of the Macedonian „г“ (which could be stylistically different from the main Cyrillic italic glyph uni0433). Look at the example of @Andreas Stötzner above. @Andreas Stötzner shows these stylistic differences between traditional Cyrillic uni0433 and Macedonian one.

  • Re: Donate to TypeDrawers (2017 Edition)

    Is there a way that it could be done from Iran? We don't have credit cards and PayPal,... because of the US sanctions  <3
  • Organization

    Hey Gang! This may be an odd question but is something I think about from time to time. Does anybody have an organization system they use or love to manage all the different fonts/images/etc that all the different distributors require? I feel like I have a folder for each distributor rather each font and it gets overwhelming. Always thinking of the most efficient way to structure this sort of thing and it felt like a Type Business question.
  • Re: Microsoft Font Validator runs native on Mac OS X!

  • Re: How to generate bdf fonts

    There is a BDF plugin for, too:
  • Re: Macedonian italic /gje localization

    André G. Isaak I'm a Bulgarian speaker :)
    Please look at my next comment and do notice that in Bulgaria for the moment are still used both the modern form of Bulgarian Cyrillic script (shown in Table 1 below) and the traditional form (which is same as Russian Cyrillic or traditional Cyrillic script).

    @Andreas Stötzner Lasko Dzurovski is in a mistake for the regular forms of the Bulgarian letters г, д, п, т. Look at the Table 1 for the correct forms of modern Bulgarian Cyrillic script.

  • Re: Macedonian italic /gje localization

    Is there anyone participating in this thread who is a Bulgarian speaker?

    I recall reading somewhere that Bulgarian frequently used forms of д, и, п, and т which resemble latin g, u, n, and m in both cursive and upright forms, but I can't find the source for this and don't know if it is accurate (the use of 'g' contradicts Stefan Peev's example, but seems consistent with Michel Boyer's).