WF Schelter Antiqua, another resurrected Art Nouveau type

My upcoming Art Nouveau design kit needed a representative body type. I chose Schelter Antiqua because it manages to be legible, stately and quite quirky at the same time. I feel it'll be a good fit with the other typefaces in the kit. S&G originally produced six styles in various styles. For now, I've only done one cut in a text size. If it resonates, I may do the remaining cuts in a "pro" version at some point. The kit should be ready by the end of October. The combination border I used here, originally by Ludwig Mayer, will be part of the kit as well. 



  • Love it! Feels like a bridge between ornate Art Nouveau type and more widely used faces like Souvenir. 
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    I'm pretty sure ITC Souvenir evolved from this typeface. It's very similar, but without the "Fraktur-y" elements.
  • Charming overall!
    The capital Eszett is a bit too jagged for my taste... I suspect it would look much better with the bottom right arc moved to the right a bit as a whole (making the connection to the roof steeper in the process).
  • It does lack bottom, doesn't it? That's how it is in the original, but I'm thinking I may take some artistic license and fill it out a little.  
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    Good choice, Oliver! Schelter-Antiqua was an important, influential, and widely used typeface. It deserves a decent digitization.
    Let me know if you need a scan of a glyph set for the italic Schelter-Kursiv.
    I'm pretty sure ITC Souvenir evolved from this typeface.
    Indirectly, yes: ITC Souvenir is an evolution and expansion of Souvenir Graphic, drawn by Ed Benguiat for Photo-Lettering, Inc. In turn, Souvenir Graphic was a pretty faithful revival of Souvenir, designed by Morris F. Benton in 1914 and released by ATF in 1920. But yes, it looks like Benton drew inspiration from Schelter-Antiqua. See also an archived discussion on Typophile from 2005 and especially a visual comparison of Schelter-Antiqua and ITC Souvenir made by Peter Bain.
  • @Florian Hardwig Thank you for the additional information on Souvenir, I didn't know the particulars. And yes, I would LOVE a scan of Schelter-Kursiv, pretty please!
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    Hard to tell because much of the specimen text is justified, but to me the wordspace looks a bit too wide. 
  • Just a scan, since the italic came up in discussion.
  • Thanks Peter! I will do the italic, though it won't be ready by the time my kit launches. I may also do the other cuts, eventually.
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    I really like this a lot. Nice!
  • I find the Italics quite a bit less convincing than the uprights. I hope you'll take some creative license to harmonize them a bit...
    (Though the cramped c_h and c_k ligatures might be the main culprits.)
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