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Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 681
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When I hit enter in the message/comment box, what the browser will naturally do, is create a new div node. But when submitted, it is styled more as a p node. Though upon inspection it is still a div but with added bottom margin.

The styling difference between input and output is disturbing. It made me edit my posts numerous times because I'm too dumb to remember that the extra margin will be added for me. Would you be so kind and add one tiny little CSS rule to add this margin also in the input box, so that I can actually See What I Get?


  • think we can, but I barely ever use CSS, although @Tiffany Wardle should know. We'll look into it. 
  • @Adam Jagosz I am happy to hack at the CSS, but I'm sadly not understanding the problem. An extra return simply gives you an extra line. And the margin is so subtle I'd hardly call that big. But maybe?
  • Dyana WeissmanDyana Weissman Posts: 324
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    Maybe screenshots showing us what you @Adam Jagosz see, both before and after of the same text, would help? 
  • All right. I'm not sure what you're seeing but below I left an empty line, which with the added margins appear to be a huge hole. I usually add these empty lines to separate paragraphs, because I forget that they will be separated by the bottom margin after submitting. Empty line:

    New paragraph after empty line.
    New paragraph after no empty lines.
    Screenshot of the edit box:

  • Screenshot of the submitted comment.
  • I wish it would write paragraph elements and introduce line-break elements after two empty lines, but that’s probably too much to ask of Vanilla.
  • I wish it would support Markdown >:)
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