Metrics Machine – adjusting default kerning units

Hello everyone!
Do you know if it’s possible to change they value of the kerning keys in MetricsMachine?
Default is:
arrow key = 10
alt+shift+arrow key = 5
alt+arrow key = 1
I was wondering if it is possible to change for example alt+arrow key?

Thank you!


  • I had asked this of Tal back in early 2015 and he replied that it was on the list of things to do in the next version, but I don't know that it was ever implemented.
  • In the current RoboFont 3 extension, the defaults are a touch simpler to use:
    Arrow = 10
    Arrow + Shift = 5
    Arrow + Alt = 1
    But they can’t be remapped still. I mean, maybe it can be scripted, but that’s not a real solution for most people.
  • Ahhh I see! Well looking forward for an update! Thank you :)
  • This post on the RF forum might be of some help! 
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