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Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 774
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Hi there,
As collector of printed type specimens I would like to know which foundries you can mention who are currently offering (ideally offset) printed type specimens.
BTW, we have recently published one: www.re-type.com/products/
Thanks in advance.


  • Viktor RubenkoViktor Rubenko Posts: 104
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    Not for sale. But if you are really interested in it, I think we could send one copy to you.

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    We offer printed specimens for sale: https://www.boldmonday.com/products/type-specimens. Also, every order on our website is rewarded with at least one specimen by regular mail.
  • Commercial Type has a variety of printed pieces on offer.
  • James MontalbanoJames Montalbano Posts: 955
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    Terminal Design's 290+ page catalog mailed to selected recipients a few years ago.
    And is available is anyone is interested.

  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,727
    I can confirm that the Terminal Design catalog is excellent.
  • Production Type, Device, Typotheque, Grilli, Swiss Typefaces, Schick-Toikka, Frere-Jones Type, P22.
  • Given the limited discussion on this thread, I suppose this is not a high priority amongst users. 

    My data corrobrates this.

  • It's been a long while since I've bought a font from them, but House Industries used to bombard me with beautiful samples and pamphlets. They offer a printed catalog (https://houseind.com/catalog).

  • The Dutch Type Library offers a couple of type specimens in its small bookshop. Unfortunately, some specimens that we made a long time ago, like the DTL Argo one and a DTL Elzevir poster based on the 1682 type specimen issued by Daniël Elsevier’s widow, are not available anymore.

    This tiny image reveals the new hardcover Exquisite Type Specimen that we will release coming autumn. It will be printed in offset and, in the best tradition of the métier, there will be a leather-bound edition too. After all, we will have something to celebrate in 2020, when it will be 30 years ago that DTL was founded officially. So, we anticipate this anniversary a bit with this year’s release of the Exquisite Type Specimen, of which the production had a small delay of only… five years.
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