Darken a font globally with ttfauntohint ?

We have a sans serif font pair where the upright and italics match on Quartz but on any Windows environment the Italic is way too light compared to the upright, is there anyway to make it render bolder with ttfautohint ?


  • Wei HuangWei Huang Posts: 96
    Actually please ignore this question, I resolved it by changing the hinting algorithm used.
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,196
    What was making it too light, and which option fixed it, exactly? :)
  • Wei HuangWei Huang Posts: 96
    I was exporting straight from Glyphs app, which for whatever reason wasn't producing a nice autohint, I then ran the fonts through ttfautohint (an older version) with `-w G` option, which I understand is now `-a qsq` 
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