This piece got awarded Certificate of Typographic Excellence by TDC. I have always respected TDC and the work they award but this, am I missing something here, some hidden meaning perhaps?

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    I’m totally OK with the 90s coming back as long as it means we get those classic Taco Bell interiors again.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,321
  • You mean besides this being lettering, and not typography?
  • This is a winner in the Communications Design Competition, not the Typeface Design Competition. The judges pick what the judges like, there is no accounting for taste.
  • ...still, "Typographic Excellence" :wink:
  • the eye of the beholder.

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    I think it's only fair the author is present to explain why they did what they did if their work is up for critique but sometimes these things are out of your control and so here we are. That whole sans serif coupled with serifs is an interesting effect without losing legibility, letters are discernible, contrast is a bit all over the place but it kinda works, R is a tad weird but maybe the author can explain why they did that. I had to google what corpus christi meant, apparently it's something to do with the body and blood of christ. From what I can tell the designer has incorporated some of that blood into the piece, almost like it's dripping, subtle but effective. Is any of this worthy of a TDC seal of excellence? I don't know, maybe there's something more to it that they know and we don't, probably why they were made judges and not you or I. On a different note, I always thought entries went through a rigorous process to get one of those TDC seals, but for some of the stuff I've seen in 2017, it makes you wonder. Like there's one in the typeface category that made no sense. I guess they want to bring more awareness to the program and handed them out like postage stamps to encourage people to take part in these things. I think it may have worked. I know Bēhance does this occasionally by featuring low key projects that just aren't cut out for it, it encourages people to continue posting. 
  • Make a note of who the judges were this year, and then draw your own conclusions. All the TDC competitions are all about who the chairperson is and what judges that person picks. Disppointed with the quality selected? Then be disappointed with the judges. They are the final arbiter of what gets selected.

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    Jani, can you post links to the work you entered into the competition so we can judge them? 
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    I have not received my copy of the TDC annual yet and no nothing about most of the judges so it is hard to comment.  Most years, I see good work winning but there is sometimes an entry that I might find less worthy than some others.  I just take this to be my personal preference rather than a reflexion on the judging.
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    Sorry that someone found my comment abusive. That wasn't the intention. I guess my feeling is that it takes initiative to enter a piece into a competition, especially in today's connected world where everyone's a critic. So I wonder if the OP submitted work they feel is better than this piece or if they are just a critic? Also I wonder what the overall quality of the submissions was like? If there were limited entries of similar quality the judges likely felt they had to pick one for this award - kind of like voters in the US elections. And that's on top of the subjective nature of these things that others have mentioned. 
  • I didn't flag your comment @SiDaniels but would understand why someone flagged it as argumentum ad hominem deflection from the actual discussion, which is quite thin on argumentation to begin with.

    While I might share the initial sentiment I find this discussion is hard to base on anything, when what we see is probably not the entirety of the judged work, but the thumbnail image for it.
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