Typeface Dissertation survey

Please take 2 minutes to answer this survey regarding the chosen typeface. This forms part of my research for my dissertation. Thank you


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  • Done!

    @Rafael Saraiva Seconded.

    @George Thomas I'm curious why you marked it as Abuse.
  • George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 532
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    It appears to be spam to me, but since then I realize I may be wrong. I've asked a Mod to remove the Flag.
  • James MontalbanoJames Montalbano Posts: 941
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    Such a lazy way to conduct a survey for a dissertation. I'll pass.
    It is spam.
  • Ben BlomBen Blom Posts: 246

    The font-related questions are without any depth. The question about Gill’s private life is more like a tabloid story. These are not questions for a serious dissertation. I think the one who made this up, is trying to make fun. Spam!

  • I regard these questions "leading" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leading_question); they seem to aim to confirm what the questionnaire writer already thinks about Eric Gill.

    But maybe I'm just cranky because I identified that font as "Century Gothic" before encountering the next questions. Then I went "oh wait a minute..."
  • Hrant H. PapazianHrant H. Papazian Posts: 1,621
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    Luckily I have no idea who Jimmy Savile is (and have better things to do than look him up). Anyway I enjoyed ranking Gill Sans above those two dogs (pardon the pun).
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  • Just do it now. bailey97 isn't watching this thread, only the responses to the survey. 
    Do it, do it, do it.

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  • (I've actually done this.)
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