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  • Working from home is fantastic, but I find that if I have a morning ritual of "going to the office" I'm more productive. Sometimes this is in the form of morning yard work, a quick run, or actually leaving the house to get coffee. When I come back, I've been able to shift my mental perspective from home to work.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,402
    After 50 years of working in a busy office, being home with my family is a pleasure.
  • Chris DChris D Posts: 76
    I work in an office. I can't concentrate when I'm at home :dizzy:
  • I've recently switched to working at home. Has its ups and downs. I find it easier to get work done when I am in a productive mood, but harder to focus when I am tired. Case in point - browsing this forum after I finished my lunch break.

    I was offered a stat camera from a long ago employer. I was very tempted. Thought I could use it as a bed, but I worried about it falling through my apartment floor. I did collect a wax mount system and a few choice paper sample books.
  • Concerning the previous sub-topic of "aural environment", I'm now digging this:

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