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    Briefly testing the Activity feature in case I ever need to report anything happening here.
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  • Russell McGorman
    Hi Michael,

    I am interested. 

    For examples, I'm including 2 custom fonts that I believe fit your fit your description: LetsGo Luna, was made for an animated cartoon series by Brown Bag Films and I made this one for Naughty Dog and Monkey Gods, as an integral feature in an online word game called MonkWerks. (No longer available)

    Additionally, please take a look at my retail fonts:
    • MetroBots, This is a solid, frankly, kind of wacky looking display family with the heft of those good old-fashioned wooden building-blocks and the look and feel of both modern and ancient adobe architecture... With a bit of the not-so-subtle expressiveness of a comical robot high on WD-40.
    • Campcraft, Remember those plastic Popsicle sticks that clicked together and you could make things from them with your sticky little fingers? Things like... camp crafts. Well, no� Of course you don't. You were too young. That's why there's Campcraft... A fun loving dot-matrix font, or it would be a fun loving dot-matrix if the vertical and horizontal grid lines didn't pile up at the intersections. Then again, it wouldn't be any fun if they didn't pile up at the intersections, would it?
    • Kush, Kush is what happens when you let your fonts sit around watching cartoons and eating cake and ice-cream all day... When their vectors are freed from all constraints and allowed to follow their bliss. Kush has filled its insides to just the other side of contentment.

    Thank you very much for the opportunity. You can reach me here on Typedrawers messages or ar [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

    February 27
  • Akshara Type Studio
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    February 26
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