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Georg Seifert


Georg Seifert
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  • Re: Weapon of choice

    My solution to avoiding back pains is to have a very simple chair at my desk that is deliberately uncomfortable. So you need to try to find new sitting positions all the time. And I work quite a lot sitting on a bit cushion from Muji with the laptop on my knees. again, not very comfortable in the long run but that makes me move around. That seems to be the only way to avoid damage to your body. All those expensing ergonomic chairs and gear make you sit/hold in *the* perfect position. But that position is unhealthy after 30 min too. But there is no way to change/move.
  • Re: Weapon of choice

    In the iMac I use a tiny Microsoft mouse (I like its wheel better than the one from Logitec (to loud)). On the laptop I love the trackpad. It can be very precise and the hand are much closer to the keyboard.
  • Re: Font Validator 2.1 Release Notes and status

    I updated the my version of the Mac UI with the latest binary. You can download it here:

    I also added an help file that contains explanations about the various error/warning codes.
  • Re: Council for German Orthography officially allows use of u+1E9E

    The end of the word is important because it can be followed by another word in a compound. 
  • Re: [OTVar] Axes Proposals:

    Your desire for “set-width [to be] maintained no matter all the other settings” would need a more substantial change in the spec. It is fundamental to GX/OT that deltas from each axis are accumulated by addition — it is impossible, in general, with one axis to override the effect of deltas that arise from other axes. Am I correct in understanding that you want to override the effect of other deltas only on certain outline points, such as the advance width point?
    As far as I understand this, it w should be possible. You need to add on set of 'uni-width' deltas for each of the other deltas. The possible confusion is that you can't do it with on set of deltas but on axis can have more than one delta per axis.