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Jasper de Waard


Jasper de Waard
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  • Re: Two more cases against pirates

    Not that I would advocate this kind of behavior, but it looks as if including a strange clause in the EULA and then sueing could be more profitable than selling 'normally'. That's really something to be avoided, and the only option I see is greater transparancy and simplicity in EULAs, across the whole market. Standardized EULAs, such as Fontspring offers (I believe?), can avoid the kind of distrust typeface designers may suffer, when/if sueing for an income becomes normalized.
  • Re: Replace ß by smallcap eszett or smallcap ss?

    My conclusion so far:

    c2sc feature:     sub Germandbls by;

    smcp feature:    sub germandbls by;

    Otherwise, no mention of is strictly needed.

    But, and this brings me to my original question: IF a designer wants to use either or Germandbls (note the cap G), they have to do so through the glyph panel, which seems cumbersome. Could it be helpful to include both as discretionary ligatures? Or would that just be confusing? I mean, in essence, it kind of IS a ligature, and it IS discretionary, right?

  • Re: Font Licensing: The Type Unite initiative

    Please don't let the negative feedback stop your efforts, because what you're trying to do is very important. I can appreciate the effort you've put in to this, and if you could let me (and others, for that matter) know more precisely how and to whom you intent to bring your message across, it might be possible to actually 'unite' and work together towards something sustainable. Until that time, I suggest you clearly state above the logos on the 'links' page that you are not affiliated in any way with the listed foundries. Thank you!
  • Re: Eau de Garamond — a sans distilled from the essence of Garamond

    "I hate the whole idea of sans versions of Garamond"

    Why? Christian is making it work, and I think it would be useful to have a sans companion to a classic like Garamond. Honestly, all the typefaces mentioned so far have little relation to Garamond.
  • Re: Richard: A Dutch text face

    @Dunwich: So this is about my age? I don't think Sensato Serif resembles Trinite, simple as that. There might be some unwanted similarities with Cronos, but I still don't consider it too close.
    @Jackson: This isn't based on anything...
    @Nickster: Sorry if my english isn't perfect, but I think you get the point. In Maxphilips words: "we each have to draw the line between influence and copying for ourselves"
    @Maxphilips: Some have now switched from Lexicon to Trinite. Thanks for the kind words about Sensato Sans :-)
    @Jmontalbano: I probably won't go as far as Lucida in language support.
    @Nickster: You're talking from a sales perspective, right? For most jobs, there's no reason why a font should have a huge amount of styles or language support. If I did it only for the money, I'd have to agree with you, though I think it's a sad thing.