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Ofir Shavit


Ofir Shavit
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  • Re: Type Design Workshops or Classes in LA

    Hi, Me and @Russell_McGorman are about to start another 1 month long Online type design course with Fontark this May.

    This is is the description of last year's course, the new one will be quite similar.
    Send me a message here if you're interested and I'll contact you when we publish the details of the new course.
  • Re: Fun type draft

    Released - 3 weights, 1 free. Thanks all for the support!!! link
  • Re: Fachwerk - display geometric sans (1st typeface)

    1927, wow. It looks so modern. 
    There are plenty of works made in such styles, it is always a question whether to research (and how much) or jump into the water right away?
  • Re: Fachwerk - display geometric sans (1st typeface)

    Hi Paulo, and welcome.

    You have a nice start, good first typeface practice, and cool inspiration source.

    I will split my comment to the technical and the styling/design aspects...

    On the technical side, it seems that your letters are not aligned and not at the same size, if this is not deliberate, most of it might have been caused by using 'no-cap' in the cap style on Fontark, this is shortening the stem edges by half the stroke's width, and need to be compensated by scaling up vertically.
    Optical corrections such as thinning a notch of the horizontal strokes and narrowing the top parts of B' S' Z' are required, and you have some spacing work to do as well.

    On the styling side, the angular K you started with is nice but it's uniqueness didn't pass on to the other letters in your first (red) letters set. 
    I like the green K' configuration most and the combination of curves.

    To advance in both aspects it'll be good to see your tests  as texts blocks ,we (us and you) will than see the typeface's appeal, harmony level and all technical stuff.

    As the creator of Fontark I will say that Fontark can serve you well up to the last stages of the design, you'll need another tool only for final tweaks and OT features and such. 
    If you need a hand with it, I'll be glad to assist.
  • Re: Stroked vectors in FontLab Studio 6

    This is not an effect, it is FA basic way of work in real time, plus per node control over the outline nodes to perform optic corrections and desired adjustments while the skeleton remains editable.