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Ofir Shavit


Ofir Shavit
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  • Re: TYPO Labs 2018 Berlin, April 12–14

    "How Come It Took So Long To Get Here?"
    Good question. 

    In direct relation to this question I have a strong need to mention Fontark, maybe even as a test case.

    Launched at Sept 2013, developed and enhanced up until 2015, Fontark represents, what I'm sure of, and many of those that really got to know it, a most significant innovation in type-design-tools

    One that in many cases, reduces the efforts and time of first-mid type design stages by 90%. Yes....Ninety! percents!

    Fontark is capable of doing that for a combination of complimentary... New concepts, solutions and technology, but mostly for it's innovative concepts.  


    Fontark is cross-platform, available to work instantly without downloading or installing, always updated, including a built in skeletal mechanism, fluid grid and real time flexible cross-glyphs-synchronisation. Amongst the rest.

    It is not perfect, but the concepts, ideas and proofs are there and live, not just as a demo or vision, but real practical tools. And we have piiiiles of piles of improvements and ideas for it just waiting to be realised, mostly lacking the resources to do it.

    We ,the Fontark team, will probably not be at Typo-labs (still considering it).

    But, it is, 2017....017....17......7!

    We are always (almost instantly) more than ready to fully demonstrate and discuss it's concepts and capabilities to anyone of interest from anywhere. (90%!!!) We're just few clicks apart.