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Ofir Shavit


Ofir Shavit
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  • Re: Why FontCreator hardly used by professionals?

  • Re: Graphology

    Obviously we owe a lot to science, but with all do respect, science has a lot of "bad sides" too, especially when it is in the service of political agendas, but not just, science is such a good political agent because it is very limited and very narrow by nature, (well it is getting of topic, but it is interesting :)) it is very good at pointing facts and pieces of reality, but understanding and interpreting these scientific facts (in case any really found) is far from science itself ,and paradoxically many times in many cases, I find it playing the role of ignorance and idiotism protector for the mass.

    Not that mysticism is such a treasure. As a much less "controlled" and restrictive field, obviously it is a very fertile ground for charlatanism, misbeliefs and pure creepy stuff.

    But does that means that all of it is craps? I don't think so. My personal research showed (me) that many holds great wisdom and are closer to reality and truth than many modern days practices and beliefs. But since reality is near infinitely complex, everything should be taken with limited liability. 

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    And a test with enlarged o'

  • Re: A FontLab 6 intervention

    Jack, You only switch from one given area to another, windows has no advantage in any.
  • Re: A FontLab 6 intervention

    There's really no reason to pile up windows and drag them all over. If something should be visible it should have a designated space, the screen's area is given, it's an illusion that with dragable/resizeable/pileable windows you can use it better. Even a PowerPoint layout is better than windows, ask a 10 years old. 
    Maybe there's a problem with the solution you came up with, figure it up and don't look back.