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  • Re: Graphic & Typographic designer Alan Peckolick has died

    Admins (“moderators”), please do your jobs and convert these URLs (both of which have unnecessary arguments and trackers appended) into real links. (“Real links” means links where the URL isn’t the link text. Like every other link on this page and on nearly every other page you’ve ever used for 20 years–plus.)

  • Re: Brain Sees Words As Pictures

    Admins (“moderators”), please do your jobs and convert /hideous-raw-urls-pasted-in-as-text/ into actual hyperlinks.

  • Re: Multiple languages brand

    For “branding” purposes, the answer to your question is no. Nor should there be a “reference font” (that’s a new one to us) that “supports all of these formats,” especially given that Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Hebrew, and Greek, all of which are capitalized proper nouns, constitute languages, not “formats.”

    Multilingual typography in the same script is somewhat tricky. Across scripts it is a recipe for disaster without having on board somebody, or a team of somebodies, who are expert and accomplished.

    Purely based on what you have shown us here (an ill-written request to solve your problem for you for free), you should recuse yourself from this project before you cause an international incident.

  • Re: Forensic Fontology

    Please don’t paste in raw URLs, least of all with trackers appended.

    So-called moderators should be fixing all such postings on sight.
  • Re: Best practices on video captioning/subtitling

    I fixed the DNS on Screenfont.CA, and it now works again.

    Two of my responses in this thread have “mysteriously” disappeared. I am the last remaining lifer in the captioning business and am the only actual expert on caption and subtitle typography. But if what I write here is going to get deleted behind my back, Fabio will have to mail me directly.

    Upon closer inspection, I see these two issuances from Ray:

    • I’ve designed a typeface based on FCC closed caption specifications.

      That’s like reconstructing a human face from a driver’s-licence photograph. Ray’s contribution can be disregarded, I think.

    • I’m not sure what the difference between captions and subtitles is. I’ve never looked into that. I’d also like to know.

    In other words, Ray Larabie designed a captioning font from a specification book and without being able to differentiate captions and subtitles. Yet my responses are getting voted down.

    Do you want my help or not?