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  • Re: On counting Points

    Joe, frankly, you have the facts wrong.

    No, I don’t.

    Application restrictions on individuals were rescinded in October 2014. No one was banned from joining from that point on.

    All you’re saying is the practice stopped.

    You have been warned in the past that you were are in violation of the posted rules. You can call that a threat if you want, but it shouldn't be a surprise given your behavior, and it's not the experience of the vast majority of TD members. Again, very few have been warned and only one member was suspended.

    So threats do in fact occur. No one would expect “the vast majority” of members of any group to be issued warnings.

    Beloved Stewf Coles is a serial aggressor on this point, yet serially insists Typedrawers moderators did not ban Hrant H. Papazian (they did) and do not threaten members (they d0).

  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    True malice is rare.
    Someone not routinely victimized by it would think so, yes.
  • Re: Kris Sowersby's "Welcome to the Infill Font Foundry"

    Naked URLs are not the way to present links.
  • Re: On counting Points

    It makes it easy for users and moderators to glance at a profile and figure out who’s an expert and who’s a longtime troll.

    I suppose that makes sense if moderators view their primary duty as punishment and banishment, sure. (Just “glance at a profile.”) I certainly believe there is an impulse among Typedrawers’ moderators, half of whom are non-native speakers of English and none of whom could even be bothered to document their experience with online fora, to punish and banish.

    Also, I thought we got rid of Stewf. Sort of in a North Korea–like hostage exchange with Hrant.
  • Re: Type fiction

    I am truly shocked there is any “type fiction” in existence whatsoever. Though half the responses pertained to nonfiction (Shapes for Sounds is a bust), I am amazed that some on-topic suggestions were even possible.

    But, since we’re here, I suppose I’m the one who has to mention The Cheese Monkeys. (And I guess The Learners.)

    After the manner of Voynich imagined alphabets, Codex Seraphinianus was recently reprinted and is a(n) heroic and baffling exercise.