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  • Re: Bad idea to use roman numerals together with old style figures?

    I'm setting a text with oldstyle figures.

    As the saying goes, now you have two problems.

    You do understand Bringhurst was wrong about half the nonsense he went on about, yes? You have described a text where number identification in all forms is crucial. The underlying flaw is the use of oldstyle figures, not small caps for Roman numerals. The solution is to use neither.
  • Re: Multiple languages brand

    For “branding” purposes, the answer to your question is no. Nor should there be a “reference font” (that’s a new one to us) that “supports all of these formats,” especially given that Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Hebrew, and Greek, all of which are capitalized proper nouns, constitute languages, not “formats.”

    Multilingual typography in the same script is somewhat tricky. Across scripts it is a recipe for disaster without having on board somebody, or a team of somebodies, who are expert and accomplished.

    Purely based on what you have shown us here (an ill-written request to solve your problem for you for free), you should recuse yourself from this project before you cause an international incident.

  • Re: Glyphs vs Robofont

    A basic function of a so-called moderator of a discussion forum is to correct unintentional yet glaring errors like the one found in the post title.
  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    There are innumerate harmful acts and victims of those acts all over the globe, in all walks of life.
    We aren’t talking about them. Please focus on this vertical-market type-design discussion forum and what happens here. If victims of malice say they are victims of malice, believe them, and don’t change the subject or make it seem like some unnamed persons somewhere else are worse off.
  • Re: A new landmark in typographic history

    Actually, it’s more like Emoji Dick, and in any event emoji are not language and cannot communicate the word of anyone, God least of all.