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Craig Eliason


Craig Eliason
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  • Re: Skeletal script face

    That /e/ is much more tightly wound than I was expecting, but it works well with the other letters.
    There is so much "crossing over" the stems in the lowercase (e.g. /b/g/p/) that I'm a little surprised the /B/ and /R/ are "detached." 
    How to handle tittles in an ultralight monoline design is always tricky. I think yours might be just an eensy bit too heavy. Did you try vertical-line versions?
    You're getting dark spots where two strokes gradually tangent into each other (e.g. /b/d/m/p/r/) but that's something you can try to clean up at the end. 

  • Re: 1.5 stories g'

    I've always felt Koch’s designs felt too novel and stood out. But I love what Craig did there, it feels more chirographic than Koch’s designs.
    I think there was some chirographic inspiration: there's a descending s-shape hidden in there, which is similar to the way the /g/ in my name appears in my signature. 
  • Re: 1.5 stories g'

    My design Backflip (formerly Flipper) employs a "1.5-story" /g/—in an almost horizontal-stress design, it cuts down the horizontal thick strokes that have to fit vertically from 4 to 3. 

    I'm fond of it, but recognizing its novelty I've designed a one-story stylistic alternate.
  • Re: Using literature in a type specimen

    Project Gutenberg has tens of thousands of texts too. 
  • Re: Brain Sees Words As Pictures

    I agree with Hrant here. I appreciate being able to immediately see that I'm being directed to rather than (e.g.)

    A hover and a glance at your browser's status bar will provide that information (more reliably in fact).