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Erin McLaughlin


Erin McLaughlin
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  • Get a live type critique on Fontribute

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to post an open call to folks who are working on an in-progress typeface design (preferably Latin script) who are interested in discussing their work as a guest on a future episode of Fontribute.

    What the heck is Fontribute? About a year ago, TypeThursday founder Thomas Jockin started a series of YouTube videos in which he would compare two published typefaces side-by-side, and talk about letter anatomy, drawing approach, spacing, similarities, differences, positives, and negatives. I've joined him as co-host, and just recently, we've begun inviting new type designers to join us on the show, so we can discuss their in-progress work while comparing with some finished typefaces.

    The episodes are unscripted, so they're prettttty long, but hopefully they contain information that is useful for people who are new to type design or graphic designers learning about typography and choosing fonts. We're not making any money on this, we're just trying to educate, inject some criticism into the field, and we just enjoy having a conversation together! 

    Here's where you can see the previous Fontribute episodes:

    We record the episodes live via a Google Hangout, usually on Fridays at about 11:00am CST (but we could try to adapt to other timezones). We just ask for a copy of your in-progress font that has an uppercase, lowercase, and some basic punctuation. I then find a font to compare it with, create the graphics for the episode, and we all talk and draw together on the hangout. (Don't worry, I delete the font files immediately afterward). We have a few people queued up, but I'd love to add some more names to our calendar. Especially if you're female!

    Who the hell am I? I'm a freelance type designer who works mainly in Indic scripts, but is a graduate of the MATD program and used to work at H&FJ. And Thomas was a graduate of Cooper Type and now works as a type designer and teaches type to college students. We both enjoy hearing ourselves talk... so come join us! haha.

    If any of you are interested, please comment and I'll get in touch with you. Or contact us at or


  • Re: Non-Latin-only font?

    @Christian Thalmann Yes, because in that case, both designs are Libre. You can't insert a Libre Latin in a commercial non-Latin project. At least that's how I understand it... (I should know this by now :( )  @Dave Crossland Can you confirm/clarify?
  • Re: Diversification Postmortem

    Hi Stephen! I saw your FB post so I headed on over!

    As for me, my lack-of posting wasn’t a deliberate “I have been offended” or “I give up on this!” move. I just never think to come here! :) I am too busy with work and want to spend my free time on other things, rather than volunteering to critique peoples’ typefaces or to try to solve peoples’ technical issues.

    I think that there are a lot of other people who are equally skilled as me who enjoy volunteering their time to critique typefaces. (and I’d rather be paid to do it, to be honest!) Same goes for the technical issue requests. Because there are so many people willing to volunteer, I don’t feel like I’m letting anyone down by not contributing. Plus, I don’t think there’s such thing as a “unique female perspective” in regard to answering the technical issues - I think it doesn’t matter who answers the question. 

    I might end up coming to TD if I can't find an answer to a technical question of my own elsewhere, but I would likely just ask a type colleague in a private email first, which I enjoy more than publicly shouting my ineptitude :)

    I’d say that most of the posts on TD seem to fall under those two categories - and maybe that’s one reason why achieving “diversity” on the message board doesn’t seem as relevant or important to me - important enough for me to make an effort to post when I'm otherwise not compelled to do so. I think the subjects in which personal perspectives are more likely to come into play are things having to do with business/education/cultural/historical and other people-centric topics. I would imagine that those types of discussions are where more interesting things are said, and where more diversity would be particularly helpful. Those don’t pop up too frequently, so I don’t find it worth the time to check for them, I guess.

    I know that a lot of the women who were involved with some of the TD and twitter discussions are spending time working on new Alphabettes initiatives and help one another and converse in that forum. I think that they feel it’s a more positive and friendly place. But I’ll let those folks speak for themselves on this thread! I think that some of them have had specific negative experiences here. I'm hoping they'll share their views, too.

  • Re: Noticeably Absent from TypeCon

    'cause I know them, I'll say: A Hoefler or Tobias sighting at TypeCon has not been a common thing in the past 5+ (maybe 10?) years - just Tobias last year - and most of their employees also forego it. For the time I've known them, JH and TFJ have both only started participating in type/design events recently, (Hoefler, it seems, mainly to promote the new web type service, and Tobias to celebrate/carve out his new identity) so I don't think this year of non-attendance was out of the ordinary. I hope we'll see more of Tobias though! He and his wife were planning on coming, but they became too busy with work and also needed a childcare solution. (We'll hopefully see one for next year! Workin' on it!)

    I'm going to take a guess and say that for some established independent foundries, they might not see much of a financial/strategic benefit. They might not necessarily learn anything new from the talks/socializing that will help their business, they might not want to be hounded by fans or people wanting to ask business questions, and they might not feel that there are too many potential customers to woo (in contrast to a web dev/graphic design conference). So I imagine that the choice to attend might come down to whether or not they feel like socializing/taking time off from work/spending a over a grand in one weekend. :)
  • Re: Grocer's ₹

    Awesome, Rob!! Thank you! Now release the other 15,993 photos! ;)