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Ramiro Espinoza


Ramiro Espinoza
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  • Re: How do you practise?

    Hey @D. Epar ted, Why you think everybody is off topic here? 
  • Re: How do you practise? is good for training. And it's fun. 
  • First counterpunching experience

    Today I struck mi first counterpunch. To leave a reasonable depression on the punch's surface took about 12 or more blows with a 3 kilos hammer. More than what I've expected :) And I had to place the vice on the floor because the table was making everything to bounce. In the end the counterpunch broke. Its tempering was obviously not well done (the straw color was not so close to the tip). Well, I've learned some lessons today.

  • Our first steel punches

    This is the first punch I've cut. The model was a Tavernier's Ascendonica T that is missing in the matrices kept at the Plantin Moretus Museum (MA 77) but can be found in printing in a number of books.
    I've committed a number of mistakes that I will try to avoid in the next punch. I think the most important one was to leave the counter for the end and then realise I could not find the right angle to file or cut the more delicate parts of the top left serif. This punch was all made by filling and graving. In the next one I will make a counter punch and see how it goes. I think a counterpunch will make the work on the counters much easier and making a counterpunch is not such a big deal.
    Having perfectly polished contours is also a challenge and I am still figuring out what technique I should use to achieve it. 

  • Re: Would you like to own a typographer's mould?

    Today I had a meeting at the technical school were the mould is going to be manufactured. Soon I will have more detailed quotations and I will send messages to all the people who contacted me for the project.
    The mould in the picture above is the one in possession of the Plantin Moretus. Here is a picture of the one in possession of Gerard Post van der Molen, complete with custom screwdrivers and the case.