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James Todd

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James Todd
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  • Re: Typeface Dissertation survey

    Unless bailey97 changes their username in the next day or two, this thread will likely be considered spam by the admin team.
  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    The reason “like” was removed was because Typedrawers isn’t a popularity contest. There are enough places on the internet where people can “like” things.
  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    The problem with using “Off Topic” is that it doesn’t alert the moderators. There was no easy way for us to keep track of who was consistently making off topic posts. 
  • Re: How do you handle the finances of a project?

    My system is essentially the same as Thierry’s except I will do some initial work before the first check clears—the client will only get screenshots until the first payment is made.

    I usually do 2 revisions; beyond that, I will have a talk to redefine scope (as clearly something went wrong) and bill them as though it were a new project as I don’t like to charge hourly. This is not a common situation.
  • Re: On counting Points

    The points are for the big chart I keep on the wall in my office that ranks all the members. Everyone that doesn’t earn over a certain amount by the end of the year will be banned.

    Honestly, I didn’t know their were points and they serve no function to anyone on the moderation team.