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Stuart Sandler


Stuart Sandler
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  • Re: TypeSnitch Project Update

    And to be clear because I always find it instructive to recap the project, EVERY dime that was solicited and donated to this effort went directly to the developer only (Mark). Lars nor I ever saw a penny of that money.

    After a 2-3 year wait and many broken promises, it became clear to me that not a single line of code had even been written and while fielding inquiries from so many very patient and understanding people who had lost faith in the project, I fired the developer.

    The developer on his own offered to refund 100% of the money to all the backers and in fact only one backer received his investment back in full. To my knowledge that was the only backer who received anything back.

    Around the same time I fired the original developer, Lars had already successfully developed a similar set of functionality and we agreed to join forces to develop the TypeSnitch service together and expand his service to include the DCMA feature which we did get mostly working and shared it with a few select beta testers.

    After that time, life got busy again and unbeknownst to me Lars had been paying for the hosting fees related to the DCMA portion of the service and we never quite launched. At a certain point he simply shut off the hosting since it became nothing more to him than an ongoing expense.

    So here's where we're at . . . In order to get this effort running again, we need funding. . . It's a hard ask especially since those who have already donated haven't seen squat and it's unlikely they ever will see that initial donation again. It simply went to the wrong person.

    I'm certain if folks could see the power of this tool, they would be inclined to pay an ongoing $25 a month subscription fee and we only need about 8 subscribers to make this happen.

    I'm 100% committed to being the first paying subscriber, can I ask seven more folks to commit as well? I can assure you that this is a real product, it actually works and it will aid you in removing illegally posted fonts as Ray has already explained.
  • Re: TypeSnitch Project Update

    Thank you all for your thoughtful insight and support! Lars and I are discussing options to make this finally happen and I'll post once we have more to share.