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Stuart Sandler


Stuart Sandler
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  • Re: Online shops and language

    I also look at this exercise firstly as finding the most common ground that virtually all EULAs agree on, things like no modifications, governing law (location non-specific), indemnification, definition of ownership, etc in the hopes this can serve as a universal base for what could become the springboard to where variations begin.

    Beyond that, I think that is where we can start to define different silos of variation and categorize them accordingly.

    I also believe this can be language agnostic if the intent of each term is what is captured and measured.
  • Re: MyFonts: Web, Epub, Server etcª license business – worth doing?

    After YEARS of negotiating broadcast, OEM and enterprise licenses, there is no way to create a standardized rate sheet as some clients will run away from the cost and others get a sweet discount.

    Keep in mind when litigating licensing infringements, you can only ask for what you've BEEN PAID on licenses in the past, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all rate sheet.
  • Re: First font license

    Be aware it's always best to err on the side of more restrictive EULA than less restrictive one as customers always assume with rose colored glasses, if something isn't expressly restricted it must otherwise be granted. Feel free to look at our EULA for ideas of things you may wish to consider restricting: