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Ray Larabie


Ray Larabie
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  • Re: TypeSnitch Project Update

    I'm happy with the early version of the new thing. It's essentially what was promised; no refund required from me.
  • Re: TypeSnitch Project Update

    It turned into something that worked in late 2015. Then it stopped getting updated. They said they were working on it, it went offline in late 2016 and they stopped answering emails. Pretty safe to say it's gone for good. It's too bad, it was working at one point. I could flag pirate sites and auto-submit DMCA notices and that part stopped working. 

    It did some other stuff that wasn't useful to me. There was all this stuff that scanned sited for hosted fonts and check them against fonts in your library and it was interesting and looks like it was a lot of work to implement but not really what I was looking for.

    Ideally, what I would want is a way to flag specific pages or sites. The tool would check the font on the page to see if it matches a font in my collection that's not supposed to be distributed and auto-send a DMCA. But what they ended up with was something different...impressive but not really what I was looking for. And it's too bad because that part of the site seemed to work for a short time.