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Ray Larabie


Ray Larabie
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  • Re: Will this work for Cyrillic?

    TNR (or other typical text faces) are systems of parts designed to work together. When I was younger, experimenting with typefaces, I thought some parts of old typefaces looked superfluous and tried removing some of the parts in Fontographer—the ear of a g, the ball of the y etc. The results revealed that each part that was taken away created new problems. Like pulling parts out of a machine without knowing how the machine worked. When the g was followed by other letters, there was now a distracting gap. The y was easily mistaken for a v and no longer fit nicely with the g.

    To say a typeface with a lot of parts means those parts are superfluous is like saying only minimalist fixie bikes are ideal—bikes with shifters, 2 brakes, lights, fenders and reflectors are worse because they have too many parts. The fixie might look clever but the other bike is a more comfortable ride.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    Fonts like Plex change nothing. We'll have free, self generating typefaces in less than 2 decades. Not parametric type design but AI proper. You can try to hold back the tide but there'll be a day when nobody buys fonts anymore and it's not that far off.
  • Re: Are we heading towards a "VariableFontCloud"?

    With enough money you could do it right now. I think you'd have to keep sans-serif, serif and script separate. Blending sans to serif always looks dopey.
  • Re: What was the very first typeface described as “feminine”?

    A few years ago I went back over my old ad copy to clean it up. Yuck! It was all girly this and manly that—so cringeworthy. People still do it but I don't think they realize how tone deaf it comes across.
  • Re: Is the term ‘foundry’ a proper name for digital companies?

    It's so corny, isn't it? I try to use font company if I can. Or at the very least, roll my eyes and say foundry sarcastically. Maybe throw some air quotes while I'm at it.