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Stephen Coles


Stephen Coles
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  • Re: Margo Chase

  • Re: Macron on Top

    I can’t tell anymore who’s being typographic and who’s being political.
  • Re: Unlimited LIcensing

    Great point, Pablo. You're thinking about the issue from the original poster’s perspective as a professional type designer. (Dave’s post was not.) Developing a new custom face under an SIL license is a real option that can benefit Michael and his client.
  • Re: "W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design"

    Thanks for posting this, Hrant. Three of the many reasons I’m sincerely stoked about this book:
    • It’s remarkable that a man who produced five or so lifetimes of work has yet to have a proper monograph or biography. On the other hand, I guess it’s understandable, given how difficult it is to cover the breadth of WAD’s output and its many intricate connections. Bruce did just that.
    • Most commercial publishers would not produce a book at this standard. Even the non-deluxe edition (printed with stochastic screens, Smyth-sewn, entirely US-made) contradicts the current trend for cheap printing and subpar reproduction. The images in this book are as real as you can get to the original material; and I know this because I’ve stood in the room with the fancy camera rig as Rob Saunders and the folks at Letterform Archive sweated over every capture.
    • This is the first test of the Archive’s nascent publications program. Their mission is to collect and preserve this stuff, but also to share it in a way that does it justice.
  • Re: Futura and Avant Garde

    You could start with demonstrating why Avant Garde is a poor choice for body copy which will affect the brand’s communication. Type with strict geometry, extreme proportions, very small apertures, and various uniform/indistinguishable letter shapes does not make a pleasant or effective reading experience.