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Stephen Coles


Stephen Coles
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  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    I dunno, Hrant. If you repeatedly complain about an issue that is clearly your own, I would consider it spam, and thus abuse. See Rule 3. 
  • Re: On counting Points

    If that is indeed their impulse, they aren't so eager to act on it. In their tenure, only one person has ever been banned, and it was only temporarily.
  • Re: Two thoughts about Google after Typographics

    Good questions. I was at the lunch hosted by Rob Giampietro (Google Design) and the Google Fonts team. The new push of investment and energy into GF appears to come from GD finally paying attention to the little 20% project hiding in the corner. They noticed that it has a huge influence despite how little attention the company gave it; and they seemed embarrassed (my interpretation only!) by the quality of the site and many of the fonts.

    As for intention: Rob reinforced Google's line that their purpose is to encourage webfont use so the web is faster and more accessible (indexable). But at some point, as webfonts become more and more prevalent, you have to wonder if the main goal shifts to enhancing Google's own products, just as Typekit does for Adobe. 

    I asked if achieving the first goal required that Google pushes users to their own fonts or if maybe they could also use their very popular (and improved) directory to link to other webfont providers, especially the font makers themselves, further promoting webfont use while demonstrating Google's desire to be a good citizen in the type community. Rob agreed that was possible. Currently, only gets this treatment.

    Another change: they appear to be pulling back from the quantity-over-quality MO and will focus on better type that solves specific needs, while continuing their push for more non-Latin designs. They are also investing in improving existing fonts in their library and will stop listing the worst ones.
  • Re: How many fonts are there?

    @Erwin Denissen I’m assuming that Dave was considering commercial or retail fonts. If we open it up to freebies, private, and custom fonts, the numbers are staggering and incalculable.
  • Diversifying TypeDrawers

    I’m very pleased to see that over half of new TypeDrawers members over the last two weeks are women. Many are adding insightful posts, as well. This forum will only improve with increased diversity and I am grateful to these new members and those who invited them to participate. I hope the trend continues.

    Please let me know how the management (official moderation team to be announced soon) can make TypeDrawers more welcoming and inclusive for women, minorities, and other groups who are typically underrepresented in discussion groups around type design, typography, and lettering. Thanks!