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Stephen Coles


Stephen Coles
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  • Re: 70s Movie Poster Typography

    I love your selections and commentary, but I find Instagram suboptimal for showcasing posters because of the low resolution and square (or nearly square) format. I understand that’s where the users are, but Twitter+Flickr might be a better combination for the imagery. If married to Instagram, try doing carousel (set) posts with closer crops to show various parts of each poster along with the complete object.
  • Re: Wooden Walls lettering

    Agree with James. That 's' could too easily be seen as a swash rather than a letter. I read Wooden Wall. 
  • Re: Margo Chase

  • Re: How much % is fair to pay to reseller companies?

    “Need” is too strong a word. The alternatives to relying on MyFonts are not easy, but they are proven. Many foundries have succeeded without Monotype distribution.
  • Re: Fontstore

    I suggested to Satya that he is more transparent about who founded and runs the company, and he agreed. I also suggested he addresses the very real elephant-in-the-room about type designer compensation. He did divulge this:
    All the fonts offered on Fontstore is commissioned work, and type designers were paid upfront.
    So it is similar to Google Fonts’ model, which of course begs the next question: how much are they paid? There are many respectable designers represented in the library, so one could presume it’s a reasonable fee. Long-term revenue is always uncertain (especially in the nascent font rental business), so the most obvious benefit to type designers is a known payment immediately rather than unknown (even if perhaps greater) payment over an unknown period of time.

    I don’t think we have enough information to say it’s a “bad model”. I do have concerns about the way (relatively) inexpensive library subscriptions affect the perceived value of type. It’s not such a bad thing for type designers to have an alternative way to earn decent money for making good fonts, but will prices drop to the point that other methods (such as designer-owned foundries) are not sustainable?

    @Craig Eliason You can find out the terms directly from Satya. See the last FAQ.