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James Puckett
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  • Re: What's up with TypeDrawers vs. Typophile and Hrant stuff?

    Hrant is a font groupie who gets off on pretending to be more.
  • Re: Arcane font licensing questions

    Were you aware of the security/piracy risk of embedding fonts in desktop applications? (Is the threat real or just paranoia?)
    It’s just paranoia. You’re not the first person who’s run into the “Highly-Respected-Foundry” with deranged notions about piracy. If people want to pirate Highly-Respected-Foundry’s catalog they’ll just download it. No need to extract it from software.

    Are there differences between OS X and Windows for securing embedded fonts?

    No. Either way the files have to be loaded on the system to work, so it’s trivial to find them.

    Do you know of any foundries with font offerings for desktop applications?

    Most foundries do. Fontspring makes it easy—for many fonts you can just buy an application embedding license right from the web site. And their staff will be happy to help you with any questions.

  • Re: TypeDrawers is a real names only forum.

    Is linking to Facebook or another social network that uses real names a viable option? Could I sign in with my FB identity?
    It is. I never enabled it. At this point I don’t think I’d want to because it would be much easier for spammers to create accounts. I can usually spot spambots by their combinations of odd usernames and email addresses. Fake Facebook accounts tend to be a lot harder to spot because they recycle data from real accounts.
  • Re: 2007 Poll on Type Design Tools

    Please stick to the topic at hand—which is not what type design tools you find most disagreeable.
  • Re: Dunwich Type Announces Gigalypse

    But you did include a caret and a brokenbar. How come?
    They’re part of the standard character set I use in all my fonts. It takes me about a minute to draw both, so I don’t worry about them. All those Greek math symbols, OTOH…