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James Puckett


James Puckett
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  • Re: Weapon of choice

    I’ve been a Kensington trackball user for over twenty years. It’s easy on the hand, if I’m not moving the ball it just stays put, and it saves desktop real estate because it doesn’t move. I’ve tried dozens of other peripherals over the years and none of them made me as happy. The only drawback is that they stopped making them in all white, which looked great when the ball was swapped for a billiard ball.

    If I did have to go back to a mouse it would be the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. Microsoft’s designers absolutely nailed that design, which is why it’s still selling after 18 years. Sometimes I miss the days of Windows 2000, an Intellimouse, and a Trinitron CRT running at 1600x1200. But I don’t miss the modems!
  • Antarctican Cyrillic

    Attached is a proof of my first attempt at Cyrillic in five years. It’s just basic capitals so far. This is a monospaced font, so there’s some weird stuff going on. It’s designed for retina displays at text sizes, so some of the weird stuff in there (like M and N) makes sense in context.
  • Re: Font editor of choice??

    But why would one want to design a font that isn't going to render well on windows?

    My point was that if you test basic font features early on Windows rendering errors can be fixed before they’re repeated in numerous other glyphs 

  • Re: 1.5 stories g'

    I've always felt Koch’s designs felt too novel and stood out. But I love what Craig did there, it feels more chirographic than Koch’s designs.
  • Re: Efficiency in kerning pairs

    Yesterday I added a kern pair to make ŦŦ into a ligature. It only appears in one word, ruoŧŧa. But it looks cool, so hopefully someone will come across it one day.

    PS: I did more digging and ŦŦ probably exists in more than one word. Ruoŧŧa is just the only one that currently comes up on Onelook.