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James Puckett


James Puckett
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  • Re: EULAs: No Modifications Clauses.

    I have a no-modification clause so people don’t fix my spacing and raise expectations.
  • Re: youworkforthem

    YWFT is easy to deal with, but I get very few sales there. If you want people to buy your fonts you really have to go with MyFonts. Or do your own thing and promote like crazy.
  • Re: Enabling HTTPS

    Typedrawers is grandfathered in on a plan that hasn’t been offered in years and costs about ten times less than the corporate plan.
  • Re: Metrics Machine

    You can be up and running in Metrics Machine in an hour or two if you’re already used to working with UFO files. Start by watch Tal’s video from Robothon 2009, available as an iTunes podcast, and reading the manual.
  • Re: Franc currency symbol

    Check Windows keyboard layouts of the nations that use the Franc. If there aren’t local keyboard layouts in default Windows installs that include the Franc than it’s probably safe to assume that they use Fr. I’m basing this on how Arubans supposedly have ƒ as a currency symbol but use the abbreviation WSG instead.