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  • Re: Are OTF fonts from Glyphs broken on Windows?

    Mike, I was asking type designers to test their own fonts, not fonts people have bought.

    And Wordpad is generally used as the benchmark for QA on Windows. If it doesn’t work in Wordpad, it’s probably not going to work in most Windows apps.
  • Re: 1.5 stories g'

    I've always felt Koch’s designs felt too novel and stood out. But I love what Craig did there, it feels more chirographic than Koch’s designs.
  • Re: The beginning of the end

    There will always be room for indie type designers. The problem is that ten thousand people are trying to fit into that room and only five of them have designs that are interesting and original.
  • Re: Efficiency in kerning pairs

    FWIW, I wasn’t stating that the people on the extremely limited side of the kerning continuum are correct. Just that there are too extremes and most people fall in-between.
  • Re: Homogenising script styles

    1. It’s the writing system evolving rather than the language. I think in the case of the Indic scripts this could be considered intentional as the scripts were designed to be practical in the first place.

    2. Designers need to be active but defer to the native users. Just because designers can help bring all the details and quirks of handwriting into type doesn’t mean users want to abandon the limits of their typographic traditions, which might be practical if not so beautiful.