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  • Re: Avoid "stroke"

    Consider Braggadocio which has very little that anyone could call a stroke.
    Types like Braggadocio are why I was only half-kidding with the positive spaces joke. Such types remind me of those formative design lessons in gestalt, where everything is defined in spatial terms. Of course it doesn’t work for most of Laura Worthington’s work, but stroke fits there. We have hundreds of thousands of typefaces to describe, so I think there’s room for plenty of descriptive terms. Like those diagrams of names for parts of types that appear in every typography for beginners book, there can be diagrams of different type styles and terms for their construction.

    As for Hrant trying to derail threads with off topic comments, let’s remember that was a major factor in the creation of Typedrawers. On Typophile Hrant and Richard fink were constantly going offtopic or arguing and not being moderated, so many regular users left. It’s true that unmoderated spam attacks were what pushed me over the edge to start Typedrawers, but I had been thinking of doing so for a good six months after private conversations with people I missed. It would be a shame to see that happen again here. Hrant, you have some interesting and intelligent things to say. Stop being a shit about how you say them and just start new threads.
  • Re: WooCommerce bulk pricing for fonts plugin.

    I might be in depending on how much we have to kick in.
  • Re: Anybody else want to commission a open source Wordpress type tester?

    Ok, so everybody who is interested just say so without moving the conversation back to other stuff. Lets see if there are enough interested parties to justify a requirements doc.
  • Re: Ornamental Initials

    That Ą is great.
  • Re: discuss with me my latest work.

    This typeface suffers from mixed metaphors; being both a new take on serifs and Cheltenham. The ball terminals are one font. The squarish round glyphs come from another. The traditionally terminaled v w x z from a third. k is a mongrel offspring of h and v, y is the sci-fi child of three worlds. Upper serifs are some new semi-flaccid metaphor, baseline serifs are mired in the time of Clarendon. It’s like those special episodes of Dr. Who where six time lords are all running around like maniacs and the Tardis is on the edge of imploding.

    Reconciling all of these in a single font isn’t going to happen. Pick a direction—something new, or something Goodhue—and run with it. I recommend the new angle; I don’t think Cheltenham is making a comeback any time soon. But what do I know; I thought Brandon Grotesque would be the last word on the low x-height geometric sans fad.